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Update Orders

Update Orders

Path Parameters
    orderId Orderid required
Request Body required
    orderStatus object
    orderStatus Orderstatus
    orderStatusDate Orderstatusdate
    orderAmount Orderamount required
    accountId Accountid required

    Unique id to identify an account

    productType Producttype
    switchTransactions object
    switchProductSubType Switchproductsubtype
    productId Productid required
    productSubType Productsubtype
    manufacturerId Manufacturerid required
    closeFolio Closefolio
    systematicTransactions object
    startDate Startdate
    frequency Frequency
    dayOfMonth Dayofmonth
    dayOfWeek Dayofweek
    duration Duration
    endDate Enddate
    isPrepetual Isprepetual
    documents object
    transactionSlips Transactionslips
    umrnMandateURL Umrnmandateurl
    transactionType Transactiontype required
    customerId Customerid required
    orderDate Orderdate
    paymentDetails object
    chequeIssueDate Chequeissuedate
    transactionNumber Transactionnumber
    chequeNumber Chequenumber
    modeOfPayment Modeofpayment
    transactionDate Transactiondate
    modeOfMandate Modeofmandate
    paymentLinkStatus Paymentlinkstatus
    bankId Bankid
    paymentLinkId Paymentlinkid
    mandateUmrn Mandateumrn
    mandateIssueDate Mandateissuedate
    makerId Makerid

Successful Response

    reqId Reqid
    errors undefined[]

    Default value: []

    data object
    orderId Orderid
    orderStatus Orderstatus