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Product Details

Retrieves the details about the product for a given product id

Path Parameters
    id Id required
Query Parameters
    manufacturerId Manufacturerid

    Unique id to identify manufacturer


Successful Response

    reqId Reqid
    errors undefined[]
    data object
    sipDetails object
    productSIPId Productsipid
    productName Productname
    productSIPDays Productsipdays
    sipVia Sipvia
    childGetService object[]
  • Array [
  • sipFrequencyId Sipfrequencyid
    sipFrequencyName Sipfrequencyname
    sipMinAmount Sipminamount
    sipMaxAmount Sipmaxamount
  • ]
  • minAmount Minamount
    taxStatusAllowed object[]
  • Array [
  • productTaxMapId Producttaxmapid

    System generated unique id to identify a mapping between the strategy and allowed tax status

    taxStatusId Taxstatusid

    Tax status for which the strategy is allowed for investment

  • ]
  • productListed Productlisted

    Indicator whether the strategy is listed or not

    productDescription Productdescription

    Brief description of the strategy

    productNRIAllowed Productnriallowed

    Indicator whether the NRIs are allowed to invest in PMS strategy

    stpDetails object
    productSTPId Productstpid
    productName Productname
    productSTPDays Productstpdays
    childGetService object[]
  • Array [
  • productStpFrequencyId Productstpfrequencyid
    productStpFrequencyName Productstpfrequencyname
    productStpMinSubsequentAmount Productstpminsubsequentamount
    productStpMaxSubsequentAmount Productstpmaxsubsequentamount
    productStpMinTenure Productstpmintenure
    productStpMaxTenure Productstpmaxtenure
  • ]
  • stpminAmtFirst Stpminamtfirst
    productLogoURL Productlogourl

    S3 bucket URL of the strategy logo

    productShortName Productshortname

    Short name of the strategy

    productName Productname

    Name of the strategy

    maxAmount Maxamount
    feeDetails object[]
  • Array [
  • feesId Feesid

    System generated unique id of a fee added to a strategy

    productId Productid

    System generated unique id to identify a product/strategy

    manufacturerFeeCode Manufacturerfeecode

    Unique fee code as defined by AMC

    manufacturerFeeDesc Manufacturerfeedesc

    Brief description of the fee type

    manufacturerFeeName Manufacturerfeename

    Fee name as defined by the AMC

    manufacturerFeeRate Manufacturerfeerate

    Fee rate as entered by the AMC user

    manufacturerFeeType Manufacturerfeetype

    Fee type as pre-defined by the AMC

  • ]
  • productISIN Productisin

    ISIN number of the strategy