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Version: 1.0.0

Wealth Management Gateway API



Standardized fixed deposit APIs from 1Silverbullet lets distributors to view, compare, simulate returns, book, renew and foreclose fixed deposits of multiple issuers. APIs exposed form 1Silverbullet allows distributors to seamlessly embed fixed deposit offered by multiple issuers to their existing investment services offering. Distributor can perform below functions using APIs

  • Check FD details offered by the issuer

  • Compare FDs across issuers

  • Simulate FD returns across multiple tenures and FD types

  • Book FD & RD

  • Renew FD

  • Premature withdraw FD (Coming soon)

  • View booked FDs

    Overall FD APIs are divided into four categories

  1. FD Details & Comparison – Allows distributors to fetch issuer, issuer profile and their FD details. Also lets distributor to calculate FD return for a given FD type, amount & tenor and compare FDs across issuers.
  2. FD Booking & Tracking – Enable distributors to book and track FDs. Distributors can renew the existing booked FDs as well.
  3. Manage FD – Allows user to manage their FDs, support renewal, pre-mature withdrawal and raising a service request with the FD issuer
  4. Enablers – Collection of APIs to support distributor to populate right set of valid values, validate account and pull CKYC information.
FD FlowFD Flow

Before you Start:

You'll need to:

  • Request an API Key & Secret or renew an existing one.
  • Have an API testing tool installed, for example Postman.


For accessing the API, a valid API key & secret must be passed. You can obtain one by connecting with your relationship manager at 1Silverbullet. [Your API_Key][Your API_Secret]

Security Scheme Type:http
HTTP Authorization Scheme:basic