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Version: v1.0.0

Insurance Gateway API

1Silverbullet Insurance gateway brings Insurers and distributors on a single platform by providing standard APIs for end to end Insurance transactions.

Standardised Insurance APIs from 1Silverbullet enable distributors to connect with multiple Insurance companies to:

* Generate Quotes.
* Generate and Submit proposal form.
* Payment management for Term, Investment and Health Products.
* Get Product data, product rules and product literature.
* Post submission proposal and requirement status management.
Insurance Gateway

Before you Start:

You'll need to:

  • Request an API Key & Secret or renew an existing one.

  • Have an API testing tool installed, for example Postman.


ReDoc-Inject: <security-definitions>


For accessing the API, a valid API key & secret must be passed. You can obtain one by connecting with your relationship manager at 1Silverbullet. [Your API_Key][Your API_Secret]

Security Scheme Type:http
HTTP Authorization Scheme:basic